Accredited Training

IELA’s accredited programme in partnership with BSA’s programme of professional development and is a comprehensive CPD package which covers a range of EDI themes. The training is specifically designed to meet the practical needs of EDI professionals and provides a recognised qualification and certificate at the end.

Accredited Qualification Content

This bespoke, comprehensive two- day certificate course has been put together to support EDI Leads or those with a responsibility or looking to take on a responsibility with EDI.

Participants will receive high-quality training and support from a range of experts to further develop the skills and confidence needed to establish, embed, and sustain equity, diversity and inclusion work in their setting. Throughout the two days there will be opportunities to meet, collaborate and discuss with other participants and to learn from case studies and good practice from other schools.

The course will bring together leaders from a wide range of backgrounds who share knowledge and experience to both support you with this important work and to challenge your thinking and professional growth. You will explore coaching as a tool to develop practical techniques to help support the important conversations needed for your work in this area.?

Accredited training outcomes

IELA’s Accredited training expects all applicants to meet the following core commitments:

  • Dedication to the implementation of equity, diversity and inclusion
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of all
  • Achieving the best EDI practice and the best outcomes for those in their setting
  • Reflecting on practice and undertaking regular training
  • Working collaboratively with others

Who can apply?

Anyone working in EDI or who has an interest and would like to further their learning.


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