Free Resources

To achieve our collective mission of an education sector that is committed to equity, diversity and inclusion, we’ve gathered a range of useful resources and reading for our network to use. We are committed to widening perspectives by offering a range of free learning resources.

In this area you can expect to find free resources to help to implement EDI into your practice such as our Index toolkit, Inclusion events calendar, fact sheets, EDI book recommendations and more. 

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Members’ area

In our members’ area of the website, you will find our resources hub, specialist guidance, curriculum support, papers, research reports, templates and more. 

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Our resources aim to:

  • Empower schools to implement and embed inclusion and diversity into day-to-day work
  • Foster environments which are inclusive, nurturing and promote a culture of justice and belonging
  • Support the development and review of inclusive curricula
  • Create organisations where all individuals can be their authentic selves and where differences are not merely tolerated but embraced and celebrated
  • Support schools in developing, auditing and reviewing their policies and procedures through an EDI lens
  • Ensure staff are aware of current legislation and frameworks
  • Empower all in organisations to challenge status quo and have crucial conversations about prejudice and inequality when they encounter it.


IELA represents all educational settings, including independent and state schools, colleges and universities, charities, organisations, corporate companies and businesses in the UK and world-wide.

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