IELA supports excellence in equity, diversity and inclusion.

The Inclusion and Equity Leadership Association’s mission is to champion equity, diversity and inclusion and to highlight the benefits of inclusive organisations for all stakeholders. 

 IELA supports excellence in equity and inclusion work and actively advocates for change through training, resources, networking and consultancy work. 

Our mission is to champion excellence in EDI work. We believe in a society where everyone has the opportunity to thrive, have a voice and contribute their unique talents. We strive to advance fairness and promote justice in all aspects of life including the education sector and the workplace.  

We celebrate the diverse range and vibrancy of human experiences. We believe that our differences are a source of strength and innovation. We support our members to create inclusive environments which foster a sense of belonging for all and where everyone feels empowered and valued. We provide tools and strategies to facilitate constructive conversations around EDI. 

We advocate for change by challenging bias, systems, policies and practices which may perpetuate inequality. We provide education, training and resources to individuals, schools and organisations to support them with their commitment to equity and inclusion. 

IELA provides a network of like-minded professionals, schools and organisations who share a dedication to an equitable and inclusive society. 

Our work is ongoing, and we invite all who share our vision to become members. Join the IELA community in this crucial endeavour where diversity is celebrated, equity is a reality, and inclusion is the norm.


IELA represents all educational settings, including independent and state schools, colleges and universities, charities, organisations, corporate companies and businesses in the UK and world-wide.

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